︎︎︎One Story Away
Special billboards for Netflix's first global brand campaign.

The shortest distance between two people is a story. They are a window into someone else’s world, where for an hour or two, you can walk in their shoes and see the world in a completely different way. Netflix gives hundreds of millions a nightly dose of entertainment that shifts perspectives and allows us to see the world in a more empathetic way. So for Netflix’s first ever brand campaign, it created One Story Away, a global celebration of the power of stories set across 27 countries.

Netflix @ AKQA
Role ︎︎︎ Conception & Art Direction
Images Copyright © Netflix
Production ︎︎︎ Unit9

The Queen's Gambit
Union Station, Los Angeles CA
The chess prodigy who won the hearts of more than 62 million households worldwide, commanded the main atrium at the Union Station in Los Angeles. Inspired by her hallucinations to become a master of the game, we created a visually captivating chess set suspended 30 feet in the air. Who passed by also could see a sculpture of Beth in her famous pose, ready to make a genius move.

Selena: The Series
Astrodome, Houston TX
As a tribute the power of Selena’s story, Netflix installed a massive billboard at the Astrodome, the stadium where Selena’s last concert took place in 1995.