My official name is Micael (Yeap, Michael with no H), but everybody calls me Mica. I was born and raised in the countryside of the Brazilian version of Texas: Goiás. I got my first job at 14 & until I jump into advertising I had the most random jobs ever, from carrying people's groceries to their cars, to working on a drugstore recharging prepaid phones, then in 2013 I got a scholarship and began my career in small local shops while I was getting my degree.

Then I decided to move to "the big city”, to adventure on “the famous agencies world”, and got my first job at F/ Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. Currently I'm working at J. Walter Thompson as Art Director for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Amstel Bier, Kellogg's and others nationwide brands. Final note1: I have a particular passion for the intersection of pop culture, graphic design, art & technology. Final note2: Most people think I'm funny.

Work Experience

Art Director
J. Walter Thompson Brazil
2018 - Currently

Art Director
F/ N Saatchi & Saatchi

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Cannes Lions
︎BRONZE   |   MEDIA   |   Rescue Dogz(2019)
︎BRONZE   |   MOBILE  |   Rescue Dogz(2019)
︎SHORTLIST  |   DIRECT   |   Rescue Dogz(2019)

São Paulo Creative Club CCSP

︎GOLD  |   STUDENT  |   Centésimos Decisivos Mizuno(2016)
︎BRONZE   |   DESIGN  |   Planning Bootcamp(2018)
︎IN BOOK  |   DESIGN  |   Refresh Your Vibe(2018)

El Ojo de Iberoamerica
︎SILVER   |   FILM CRAFT   |   Annecy 100 Years(2018)
︎FINALIST  |   STUDENT   |   La Mesa que Invita(2016)

Wave Festival
︎GOLD  |   MEDIA   |   Rescue Dogz(2019)
︎SHORTLIST   |   DIRECT  |   Rescue Dogz(2019)
︎SHORTLIST   |   DATA  |   Rescue Dogz(2019)

One Show
︎MERIT   |   YOUNG ONES  |   The Unite_orithm(2017)

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